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Blade Tech

Blade Tech- Blade Tech is a manufacturer of all types of police gear including knives, gun holsters, tactical gear, and competition shooting. When choosing a Blade Tech item especially a Blade Tech holster, you are choosing some of the best police equipment. Because Blade Tech makes so many products, Best Gun Holsters is going to only concentrate on the Blade Tech holsters in this Blade Tech review.

Blade Tech produces both leather and Kydex, a leather alternative used by many companies for gun holster and knife sheaths, gun holster and related products. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Blade Tech has perfected the manufacturing process so that they can provide the best quality and craftsmanship but still allow for variation and customization of their products.

One thing that really stands out about Blade Tech is the large variety you find in the products they offer. Let’s review some of the Blade Tech gun holsters and other products available.

Duty Holsters:

●     Thumb Drive Level II Holster, prices start as low as $49.99. This Blade Tech holster was created to provide the best safety and speed of use feature for duty officers in need of a high quality duty use holster. This Blade Tech holster has been field tested and is mad of a special polymer that won’t wear the finish of your gun.

●     Level II Duty Holsters, prices start as low as $105.99. One option here is the DOS (Drop and Offset Sting) that will allow for greater outward cant putting your pistol away from your body and in a better position for more positive indexing. A second option is the Level II Duty Holster with a paddle, the paddle attachment and thumbreaks on this Blade Tech holster snap open and out of the way to provider for easy reholstering. Additional options include the SR Loop and Tek-Lok depending on your gun holster product needs and how you want your Blad Tech holsters to fit with your other duty equipment and belts.

●     Level III, LH and RH Duty Holsters offer additional features and added security for the lever III holster to be able to be ranked as a level III. These Blade Tech holsters range in price from $115.99 to $124.99.  Review Blade Tech holsters yourself to find the one with the exact features you want for natural draw action and reholstering techniques that best suit your methods.

In addition, Blade Tech holsters are made for taser guns and concealed weapons. Whatever your holster needs, Blade Tech has a huge variety of options. If you are looking for leather gun holsters, Blade Tech has 5 holster options: the Blade Tech Hybrid Holster is a mixture of a cowhide leather exterior and a Kydex molded interior, or choose the Looper Series 2-Slot Open Top Belt Holster, Looper Series 3-Slot Open Top Belt Holster, Looper Series Level II 3-Slot Belt Holster or Looper Series Slide Holster. Again, your own gun holster needs will determine which holster is the best fit for you.

Blade Tech holsters can be made to fit many styles and types of guns. Choose from the drop-down list for each specific type of holster or call or fax to find out about custom holsters for a gun type not listed. The Blade Tech site doesn’t list any specifics on a return policy but does provide toll-free phone support, a fax number, email support for a number of departments and a physical address. You can rest assured that you will receive only high quality products from a well established company that stands behind ever Blade Tech holster and product.

Additional Blade Tech products include magazine pouches, GPS pouches, hardware and attachment accessories as well as multiple revolver, shotgun and magazine pouches. Blade Tech also provides training accessories and night gun cases. As we mentioned earlier in our Blade Tech review, the variety and number of products available from Blade Tech is one of their most outstanding features, when you couple this with their customization options, Blade Tech is definitely worth checking out.