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Aker Holsters- Some of the best gun holsters are made by Aker Holsters. Aker Holsters doesn’t just make police gun holsters; they make all types of gun holsters. Aker holsters have been around for quite some time and have been known as some of the best in the police equipment industry. In this Aker review, Best Gun Holsters is going to give you an overview of Aker and the Aker holsters.

Aker Holsters started out as a dream for H. Kamuran Aker in 1981, through hard work and dedication, and 30 years of work, Aker holsters has become one of the most well known and trusted gun holster manufactures in the United States. Aker holsters are synonymous with quality, reliability, and functionality. Whether you are a looking for police holsters for on-duty or off-duty use, Aker holsters are up to the task. Read this article for more information about all the Aker holster products.

Aker holsters are hand-crafted with only the highest quality leather, dye, thread, and equipment. Aker leather products can be used on a daily basis for many years and still maintain their safety and functionality. Aker holsters are used by a number of law enforcement agencies across the nation including the California Highway Patrol, US Customs and Border Protection, and the FBI Academy among others. Each agency has found that Aker holster meet or exceed quality and safety regulations for their high standards and needs and recommend them to others on a regular basis.

Every Aker holster is custom made in a factory in California. Aker is proud to provide the highest quality holsters made right here in the United States of America. Each Aker holster is hand inspected and can be crafted to meet specific gun specifications If you are in need of a left-handed holsters, just specify this upon ordering and Aker will be happy to make any holster for left handed use. Through widespread use and distribution services Aker holsters are now worn and used across the United States and throughout the world. Even though Aker holster are known and used world-wide they still have the feel of the small town custom made-to-order business that is willing to make a holster to fit your exact specifications. You don’t find this with most of the big name holster manufacturers.

Aker holster reviews all say how comfortable and durable the designs of Aker leather holsters are. You will rarely find any negative Aker holster reviews around because Aker stands behind their high quality product and makes sure their customers are happy. Off-duty Aker holster prices start around $60 and go up from there. For on-duty holsters prices start around $100. Aker holsters are available as concealment holsters, ankle holsters, shoulder holsters and more. In addition, Aker offers numerous Aker leather accessories for both on and off-duty use; from cuff cases and badge holders to book cases and magazine pouches, Aker has you covered withal the finest quality leather products.

When ordering Aker Holsters the company requests that you be as specific as possible on your order so that you will receive exactly what you want. Custom options allow you to choose the color, finish, hardware type and hidden snaps or Velcro closure to give you the exact Aker holster you want. The Aker websites indicates that returns can only be made within 10 days of receiving your Aker holster and must be authorized through the company. Any used Aker holsters cannot be returned. You are solely responsible for checking your Aker holster upon receipt to make sure the holster is in good repair and that all hardware is securely fastened and the holster is ready to use.

Visit the Aker holsters website to see all the Aker holsters and other Aker leather products available. Online user reviews of Aker holsters can also be helpful in making a decision about which holster is the best value and the right fit for your gun holster needs. Don’t just settle for the first or cheapest gun holster you come across. Choosing Aker holsters will provide you with the best gun holsters in the industry, proven and backed by 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.